A New Logo for Fairmount’s 50th!

Fairmount is about to turn 50! The approach of this milestone is a great time to reflect on the past five decades, look at how we have grown and changed over time, and evaluate plans for the future. While some may still perceive Fairmount to be simply a “rest home,” we have grown to include many other options such as Residential Living (cottages and apartments), Personal Care, Rehab, and Fairmount at Home for people who can use extra help to stay comfortably in their homes, both on and off campus.

President/CEO Jerry Lile is excited to introduce our new logo, adopted to better reflect who Fairmount is in 2017: “We realized that our 50th anniversary was a good time to give our graphic look and logo a more contemporary appearance. Our last logo change was in 1997, and while it represented some key values, it didn’t always function well, especially in today’s diverse media contexts.

After considering several companies for our redesign, we chose a local business with a reputation for quality work and an Anabaptist affiliation, enabling them to understand our mission. We wanted to remain true to our traditional values, while at the same time communicating life, vitality, and simplicity, and illustrating our tag line of “Faith, Family and Community.” The overarching purpose was to clearly communicate to the community a fresh understanding of what Fairmount is today.

The biggest change was adopting the simplified name,“Fairmount,” for the logo, dropping the word “Homes.” For years, the public has often referred to our retirement community as just “Fairmount.” The familiar wheat sheaf remains central to our new logo because it symbolizes our reliance on the Bread of Life (John 6:35). Fairmount makes no apology for its Christian values and the importance of those values as we serve our community. The new three-stalk version of the sheaf in our logo represents the intersecting aspects of Faith, Family, and Community. We remain committed to these ideas even as we now provide an array of health and living services which reach far beyond the “home for the elderly” concept that defined our earliest days. We pray that God will bless Fairmount in the years ahead as we strive to reflect the values embodied in this logo.